The Challenge

Coming up with engaging stories is challenging enough. Doing so on a daily basis onboard a Research Vessel in the middle of the ocean, with variable weather conditions, unstable internet access, with a one-person crew and through different media for weeks at a time, is something else. Not to mention the fact that the stories taking place are about extremely complex scientific investigations.

The Solution

We like to refer to it as Guerrilla Storytelling. Every time we collaborate with the Schmidt Ocean Institute to document their expeditions through memorable narratives, we apply it.

We identify the most engaging stories as they develop, and thread them together with bite-sized scientific data that has already been translated for those without a scientific background. Efficiency, stamina and versatility are the key words. We provide Schmidt Ocean Institute with daily content they can share through different channels in order to make science more accessible to wider audiences.

Cruise Log
Infographic Poster
Highlights Video
Expedition Video
Expedition Video
Expedition Video
Annual Report Design
Infographic Design

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